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Compliance Corner


Mitchell is a member of the NCAA Division III. The College is committed to taking institutional responsibility to abide by NCAA rules and regulations. Through the cooperation of administrators, coaches, faculty, student-athletes and representatives of the college's athletic interests, Mitchell College is dedicated to maintaining control of its athletic programs in a manner that is consistent with the standards set by the NCAA.

The Compliance Office serves as resource center for Coaches, Administration, Student Athletes, Alumni/Boosters, Staff and Prospects for issues related to NCAA regulations and compliance issues.

Please feel free to contact our office at any time with any questions related to athletics.  Remember, if you are unsure about any NCAA rules and/or regulations…ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!

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Intercollegiate Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act)

All coeducational institutions of higher education that participate in any federal student financial aid program and have intercollegiate athletic programs must provide information concerning their intercollegiate athletics programs under the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act of 1994, section 485g of the Higher Education Act of 1965, 20 U.S.C. 1092. This Act and accompanying federal regulations require that the following information, based on the previous reporting year, be available for inspection by students, prospective students, and the public by October 15th of each year. The information in this report covers the period beginning July 2018 and ending June 2019.

Click here to access the 2018-19 report

Click here to access the 2017-18 report

Click here to access the 2016-17 report

Mitchell College will provide a paper copy of the report upon request.